Just Like You

Matt Maher

G Am7 D C G D C
G         Am7      D      C
Revive my heart, renew my soul
   G       Am7     D       C
In You, oh Lord, I am made whole
G          Am7  D      C
No more in fear will I wander
G                Am7
’Cause you’re my God
   D        C
My Lord and Lover

Em             C    D
Like a burning fire 
Em          A
Be my one desire

           G     D         C   D
I wanna be holy, just like You 
        G            D       C  D
I wanna go where You lead me to 
     Em                       A
With reckless abandon to Your truth
             Cm        D         G
I wanna fall deeper in love with You

Verse 2:
Oh lift me up, God my Father
In all this world, there is no other
I’m dancing in Your holy presence
And Your glory fills all my senses

Em  B/D#        G/D         A/C#
And deeper, and deeper, and deeper
And deeper in love with You

  C        G Am7 D
I wanna be hoo-  ly

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